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Muriel Paget - Rakovsky's Statement - Questions in The House of Commons
... had “been lecturing on (her) experiences as (a member) of the British Intelligence Services” ... that Lady Muriel had “no experience in the British Intelligence Service” and stressed that her work was “thoroughly unselfish and humanitarian” ... Chamberlain reiterated that none of the British subjects' names mentioned at the trial had ever worked for British Intelligence services, and William Leach (Labour, Bradford ...
Tony Geraghty
... Tony Geraghty (born 13 January 1932) is a British-Irish writer and journalist ... Sunday Times, Geraghty was arrested at gunpoint by a British soldier and charged with impeding the army by being on the street against a military order, which carried an automatic ... "its attention to detail and its direct, potent writing." Library Journal said "he role of British Intelligence in Ulster has never been so deeply explored" ...
My Bonny Light Horseman - Characters
... one Jacky was staying in before her "execution." After the execution stunt the British had play on the French, Jacky talked to Mr ... Jacky to the guillotine and placed her head agent during the missions for British Intelligence ... Peel- Head of British Intelligence, he is the one that assigns Jacky to the mission ...
Military History Of Gibraltar During World War II - Abwehr Saboteurs From Spain
... Eleuterio Sánchez Rubio, a Spanish officer, member of the Falange and coordinator of the intelligence operations in the Campo, to establish a network of ... According to the British intelligence, there were at least 183 Spaniards and Gibraltarians involved in the espionage and sabotage operations against Gibraltar ... In June 1941, however, the British intelligence foiled a new attempt, by a German agent, to attach a mine alongside an Allied cargo ship ...
Talaat Pasha - Exile, 1919–1921 - Assassination, 1921
... See also Operation Nemesis Before the assassination, the British intelligence services identified Talaat in Stockholm where he had gone for a few days ... The British intelligence first planned to apprehend him in Berlin where he was planning to return, but then changed its mind because it feared the complications ... Another view in British intelligence was that Talaat should be apprehended by the Royal Navy at sea while returning from Scandinavia by ship ...

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    Since an intelligence common to us all makes things known to us and formulates them in our minds, honorable actions are ascribed by us to virtue, and dishonorable actions to vice; and only a madman would conclude that these judgments are matters of opinion, and not fixed by nature.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero (106–43 B.C.)

    You don’t know Leonie. She married me to achieve insecurity, and now you’re trying to take it away from her.
    David Mercer, British screenwriter, and Karel Reisz. Morgan (David Warner)