A boat is a watercraft of any size designed to float or plane, to provide passage across water. Usually this water will be inland (lakes) or in protected coastal areas. However, boats such as the whaleboat were designed to be operated from a ship in an offshore environment. In naval terms, a boat is a vessel small enough to be carried aboard another vessel (a ship). Another less restrictive definition is a vessel that can be lifted out of the water. Strictly speaking and uniquely a submarine is a boat as defined by the Royal Navy. Some boats too large for the naval definition include the Great Lakes freighter, riverboat, narrow boat and ferryboat. The term armed boat, used primarily by English speaking naval forces, referred to any boat carrying either a cannon or armed occupants, such as marines.

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Boat - Buoyancy
... See also Buoyancy A floating boat displaces its weight in water ... The material of the boat hull may be denser than water, but if this is the case then it forms only the outer layer ... If the boat floats, the mass of the boat (plus contents) as a whole divided by the volume below the waterline is equal to the density of water (1 kg/l) ...
Lifeboat (film) - Plot
... are stuck in a lifeboat in the North Atlantic after their ship and a U-boat sink each other in combat ... The woman sneaks off the boat while the other passengers sleep, drowning herself in the night ... Willi is later revealed to be the U-boat captain ...
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... that was originally filmed, Ellen rammed the shark with Michael's boat, mortally wounding it ... The shark then causes the boat to break apart with its death contortions, forcing the people on the boat to jump off to avoid going down with it ...
USS L-5 (SS-44)
... Her keel was laid down on 14 May 1914 by Lake Torpedo Boat Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut ... The L-boats designed by Lake Torpedo Boat (L-5 through L-8) were built to slightly different specifications from the other L-boats, which were designed by ...

Famous quotes containing the word boat:

    When the boat comes to the bridge, it will go through; when the cart gets to the mountains, there will be a way to get over them.
    Chinese proverb.

    Kidd Dabb: The boat doesn’t stop at Santa Maria this trip.
    Geoff Carter: Why not?
    Kidd: They have no bananas.
    Geoff: They have no bananas?
    Kidd: Yes, they have no bananas.
    Jules Furthman (1888–1960)

    The almost unexplored Everglades lay close by and with a half- hour’s start a man who knew the country was safe from pursuit. As one man cheerfully confided ..., ‘A boat don’t leave no trail, stranger.’
    —For the State of Florida, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)