Israeli may refer to:

  • Something of, from, or related to the country of Israel
  • Israelis, people from Israel, or of Israeli descent. For more information about the Israeli people, see:
    • Demographics of Israel
    • Culture of Israel
    • Israelites
  • For specific Israelis, see List of Israelis.
  • Hebrew language
    • See also Languages of Israel
  • Israeli cuisine
  • Israeli (newspaper), a free Israeli Hebrew newspaper distributed between 2006 and 2008.
See also
  • Israelites, the ancient people of the Land of Israel

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Israeli Labor Party
... The Israeli Labor Party (Hebrew מפלגת העבודה הישראלית‎, Mifleget HaAvoda HaYisraelit), commonly known as HaAvoda (Hebrew ... The Israeli Labor Party was established in 1968 by a merger of Mapai, Ahdut HaAvoda and Rafi ... Until 1977, all Israeli Prime Ministers were affiliated with the Labor movement ...
... Yakir (Hebrew יַקִּיר), is an Israeli settlement and a communal village located in the West Bank's Samarian mountains about 35 km east of Tel Aviv near Revava and Nofim, on Road 5066 roughly between Barkan ... The international community considers Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal under international law, but the Israeli government disputes this ...
August 2002 - Events - August 7, 2002
... Israeli-Palestinian conflict Israeli forces kill six Palestinians Israeli undercover soldiers kill four Palestinian militants wound three in a gun-fight ... An Israeli sniper kills Hussam Hamdan, a member of Hamas in the Gaza Strip ... Israeli troops and 30 tanks push into northern Gaza, killing a Palestinian policeman ...
Yoram Kaniuk - Literary Themes and Style
... 'Eagles' is a war story that attacks the subject of death in Israeli culture from a unique angle ... writing that deviates from the Israeli consensus" and difficult to categorize ... He was widely rejected by the Israeli mainstream until the 21st century, where many young readers found his unique take on the sensitive Israeli social climate refreshing ...

Famous quotes containing the word israeli:

    ...I want to see a film, they send the Israeli army reserves to escort me! What kind of life is this?
    Golda Meir (1898–1978)

    Both gossip and joking are intrinsically valuable activities. Both are essentially social activities that strengthen interpersonal bonds—we do not tell jokes and gossip to ourselves. As popular activities that evade social restrictions, they often refer to topics that are inaccessible to serious public discussion. Gossip and joking often appear together: when we gossip we usually tell jokes and when we are joking we often gossip as well.
    Aaron Ben-Ze’Ev, Israeli philosopher. “The Vindication of Gossip,” Good Gossip, University Press of Kansas (1994)