Black September

The expression Black September may refer to:

  • Black September in Jordan, the conflict between Palestinian guerrilla organizations and King Hussein of Jordan that began in September 1970 and ended in July 1971 with the expulsion of the PLO to Lebanon
  • Black September (group), a Palestinian militant organization named after the conflict and directly behind the Munich massacre during the Munich 1972 Olympics
  • Black September, the name given to a series of events in the storylines of Malibu Comics, after the company was bought out and its various lines radically altered

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List Of Israeli Assassinations - 1970s
... representative, considered by Israel to be a terrorist for his alleged role in the Black September group and the Munich massacre Shot by two gunmen in his apartment ... April 9, 1973 Beirut Muhammad Youssef Al-Najjar Black September Operations officer and PLO official Killed during Operation Spring of Youth ... Sayeret Matkal April 9, 1973 Beirut Kamal Adwan Black September commander and member of the Fatah central committee Killed during Operation Spring of Youth ...
Choice (comics) - Black September
... In the aftermath of the Black September Event, Choice's whereabouts were unknown ... rather, may not have ever existed at all herself in the Post-Black September world ...
Operation Wrath Of God - Reactions - Black September Response - Attempted Assassination of Golda Meir in Rome
... An operation was planned by Black September when it learned that Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir would be travelling to Rome to meet with Pope Paul VI in January 1973 ... Black September commander Ali Hassan Salameh began planning a missile attack against Meir's plane as it arrived in Rome ... Black September smuggled several shoulder-launched Strela 2 missiles to Bari, Italy, from Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia, by boat ...
American Intervention In The Middle East - The Six Day War and Black September
... For more details on Black September, see Black September in Jordan ... On September 17, 1970 With U.S ...
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... After the events of Black September, in which the Ultraverse was given a drastic overhaul by new owner Marvel Comics, Ruiz was written out of continuity and Bob Campbell was ...

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    Left Washington, September 6, on a tour through Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.... Absent nineteen days. Received every where heartily. The country is again one and united! I am very happy to be able to feel that the course taken has turned out so well.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    Just like those other black holes from outer space, Hollywood is postmodern to this extent: it has no center, only a spreading dead zone of exhaustion, inertia, and brilliant decay.
    Arthur Kroker (b. 1945)