Bava Kamma - Damage Caused Without Criminality - Damage By Pit, Burning, Etc.

Damage By Pit, Burning, Etc.

The remaining part of the third chapter, the fourth, and part of the fifth (1-4), contain regulations concerning the compensation for damage caused by a goring ox. Following the order of the 'avot nezikin' given in the beginning of the tractate, the damage caused by a pit is discussed in the second part of the fifth chapter; and the sixth chapter is devoted to the remaining two causes of damage, grazing (1-3) and burning (4-6). Of the last section the following law is noteworthy:

"If a camel laden with flax passes through a street, and the flax catches fire from a candle that is inside a shop so that the whole shop is thereby set on fire, the owner of the camel is held responsible for the damage; if, however, the candle is outside the shop, the owner of the shop is responsible, except in case of Hanukkah lights".

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