Bava Kamma - Damage Caused Without Criminality

Damage Caused Without Criminality

For post-Talmudic developments, see Damages (Jewish law)

Two types of damages are dealt with: (1) damage caused by agents in their normal condition; (2) damage caused by agents in their abnormal condition. An instance of the first class of agents is an ox treading upon things that are in his way and thus damaging them, or eating things that are in his path. An instance of the second class is the case of a Goring Ox, as under normal circumstances an ox does not gore.

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Bava Kamma - Damage Caused Without Criminality - Damage By Pit, Burning, Etc.
... concerning the compensation for damage caused by a goring ox ... the 'avot nezikin' given in the beginning of the tractate, the damage caused by a pit is discussed in the second part of the fifth chapter and the sixth chapter is devoted to the remaining two causes of ... fire, the owner of the camel is held responsible for the damage if, however, the candle is outside the shop, the owner of the shop is responsible, except in case of Hanukkah lights" ...

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