Basnyat Family

Basnyat Family

The Basnyat family or Basnet/Balami family is considered to be one of the noble courtier (Bhardar) families of Nepal The Basnyats or Basnets/Balami are of pure kshyatriya origin. It is said that they migrated into western Nepal during the Khas(indo-aryan) invasion of Nepal. There are four types of Basnyats/Basnets in Nepal. The Shreepali (Sripali) Basnyats/Basnets of Gorkha, the Khaptari(Khaptadi) Basnyat/Basnet/ Balami Basnayat/Basnet of Khaptad, and the Khulal Basnyats/Basnets, Lamichhane Basnayat/Basnet . These days, the surname Basnyat/Basnet/Balami/Lamichhane is used interchangeably by all four clans.

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Basnyat Family - The Khaptadi Basnyats
... According to the available sources, The clan of Khaptadi Basnyat started at around the era between the 13th and 14th centuries ... last son of Ajaya Singh, who was popularly known as 'Rahol', Bir Bhotu Singh was honored as "Basnyat" by his father ... Therefore Bir Bhotu Singh is considered to be the first Basnyat from Khaptadi Basnyat lineage ...

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