Bartolomeo is a given name of Italian origin. The name is a cognate of the name Bartholomew. People with the name include:

  • Bartolomeo Aimo (1889–1970), Italian professional bicycle road racer
  • Bartolomeo Altomonte, a.k.a. Bartholomäus Hohenberg (1694–1783), Austrian baroque painter
  • Bartolomeo Amico a.k.a. Bartholomeus Amicus (1562–1649), Jesuit priest, teacher and writer who spent his adult life in Naples
  • Bartolomeo Ammanati (1511–1592), Florentine architect and sculptor
  • Bartolomeo Avanzini (1608–1658), Italian architect of the Baroque period
  • Bartolomeo Bacilieri (1842–1923), Italian cardinal, Bishop of Verona 1900–1923
  • Bartolomeo Barbarino (c. 1568–c. 1617 or later), Italian composer and singer of the early Baroque era
  • Bartolomeo Bassi (early 1600s-1640s), Genoese painter of the early Baroque period
  • Bartolomeo Bellano a.k.a. Bartolomeo Vellano (c. 1437–c. 1496), Italian Renaissance sculptor and architect
  • Bartolomeo Bimbi (1648–1723), Florentine painter of still lifes
  • Bartolomeo Biscaino (1632–1657), Italian painter of the Baroque period, active in Genoa
  • Bartolomeo Bon (d. after 1464), Italian sculptor and architect from Campione d’Italia
  • Bartolomeo Borghesi (1781–1860), Italian antiquarian, key figure in establishing the science of numismatics
  • Bartolomeo Campagnoli (1751–1827), Italian violinist and composer
  • Bartolomeo Cappellari (1765–1846), Pope Gregory XVI (1831–46)
  • Bartolomeo Carducci (1560–1608), Italian painter, better known as Carducho
  • Bartolomeo Cavaceppi (1716–1799), Italian sculptor
  • Bartolomeo Cavarozzi (c. 1590–1625), Italian painter of the Baroque period active in Spain
  • Bartolomeo Cesi (1556–1629), Italian painter of the Baroque era of the Bolognese School
  • Bartolomeo Colleoni (c. 1400–1475), Italian condottiero
  • Bartolomeo Contarini (fl. mid-15th c.), Venetian businessman, governor of the Duchy of Athens after marrying the widowed duchess
  • Bartolomeo Costantini (1889–1941), Italian aviator and racing car driver
  • Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655–1731), Italian maker of musical instruments, generally regarded as the inventor of the piano
  • Bartolomeo da Bologna (fl. 1405–1427), Italian composer of the early Quattrocento
  • Bartolomeo d'Alviano (1455–1515), Italian condottiero and captain, fought in the defense of the Venetian Republic against the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian
  • Bartolomeo d'Aragona (fl. late 14th–early 15th c.), Sicilian nobleman and statesman; defeated in a rebellion and exiled
  • Bartolomeo degli Organi (1474–1539), Italian composer, singer, and organist of the Renaissance
  • Bartolomeo della Gatta (1448–1502), Florentine painter, illuminator, and architect
  • Bartolomeo della Rocca (1467–1504), Bolognese scholar of chiromancy, physiognomy, and astrology
  • Bartolomeo di Breganze(c. 1200–c. 1271), Italian prelate, bishop of Vicenza and founder of the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Bartolomeo di Cassino (fl. late 16th c.), Italian painter active in the Mannerist period
  • Bartolomeo di Giovanni (d. 1501), Florentine painter, worked under Sandro Botticelli
  • Bartolomeo di Tommaso (fl. early 15th c.), Italian painter
  • Bartolomeo Eustachi a.k.a. Eustachius (c. 1500–1574), Italian anatomist, one of the founders of the science of human anatomy, eponym of the Eustachian tube
  • Bartolomeo Facio (1400–1457), Italian historian, writer, and humanist
  • Bartolomeo Gastaldi (1818–1879), Italian geologist and paleontologist, one the founders of the Club Alpino Italiano
  • Bartolomeo Ghetti (d. 1536), Florentine Renaissance painter
  • Bartolomeo Giuseppe Guarneri a.k.a. Giuseppe Guarneri (1698–1744), Italian luthier from the Guarneri house of Cremona
  • Bartolomeo Gradenigo (c. 1260–1342), 53rd doge of Venice 1339–1342
  • Bartolomeo Guidobono a.k.a. il Prete di Savona or Prete Bartolomeo da Savona (1654–1709), Italian painter of the Baroque period
  • Bartolomeo I della Scala (d. 1304), lord of Verona 1301–04
  • Bartolomeo II della Scala (d. July 12, 1381), lord of Verona 1375–1381
  • Bartolomeo Letterini (1669–after 1731), Venetian painter of the Baroque period
  • Bartolomeo Manfredi (1582–1622), Italian painter, a leading member of the Caravaggisti
  • Bartolomeo Maranta a.k.a. Bartholomaeus Marantha (c. 1500–1571), Venetian physician, botanist, and literary theorist
  • Bartolomeo Marchionni (fl. late 15th–early 16th c.), Florentine merchant established in Lisbon during the Age of Discovery
  • Bartolomeo Mastri a.k.a. Bartholomew Mastrius (1602–1673), Italian Conventual Franciscan philosopher and theologian
  • Bartolomeo Minio (fl. late 15th c.), Venetian sea captain and commander (provveditor e capitanio) of Nauplion in the Venetian Morea
  • Bartolomeo Montagna (c. 1450–1523), Italian painter and architect who worked in Vicenza and Venice
  • Bartolomeo Montalbano (c. 1598–before 1651), Venetian Baroque composer
  • Bartolomeo Nazari (1693–1758), Italian painter of the late-Baroque period
  • Bartolomeo Pacca (1756–1844), Italian Cardinal, scholar, and Vatican statesman
  • Bartolomeo Pagano (1878–1947), Italian motion picture actor
  • Bartolomeo Panizza (1785–1867), Italian anatomist and surgeon
  • Bartolomeo Passarotti (1529–1592), Italian painter of the mannerist period
  • Bartolomeo Pinelli (1771–1835), Italian illustrator and engraver
  • Bartolomeo Platina (1421–1481), Italian teacher, scholar, author, and member of the College of Abbreviators
  • Bartolomeo Prignano (1318–1389), Pope Urban VI 1378–1389
  • Bartolomeo Ruspoli (1697–1741), Italian cardinal, Knight of Malta
  • Bartolomeo Sanvito (1435–1518), scribe from Padua, trained in Rome; master of Humanist italic script
  • Bartolomeo Scala (1430–1497), Italian politician, author, and historian
  • Bartolomeo Scappi (c. 1500–1577), Renaissance chef, served Popes Pius IV and Pius V from the Vatican kitchen
  • Bartolomeo Schedoni (1578–1615), Italian early Baroque painter of Reggio Emilia
  • Bartolomeo Sinibaldi a.k.a. Baccio da Montelupo (1469–c. 1523), sculptor of the Italian Renaissance period
  • Bartolomeo Suardi a.k.a. Bramantino (c. 1456–c. 1530), Italian painter and architect in Milano
  • Bartolomeo Trinci (d. 1421), Italian nobleman, lord of Foligno 1415–21
  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino (1470–1535 or later), Italian composer of the middle Renaissance period; infamous for murdering his wife
  • Bartolomeo Trosylho (1500–1567), Portuguese composer of the Renaissance period
  • Bartolomeo Vanzetti (of Sacco and Vanzetti) (1888–1927), Italian immigrant convicted and executed for murder in Massachusetts, USA
  • Bartolomeo Veneto (1502–1546), Italian painter who worked in Venice
  • Bartolomeo Vivarini (c. 1432–c. 1499), Italian painter
  • Bartolomeo Zaccaria (d. 1334), Italian nobleman, Margrave of Bodonitsa, Lord of Damala
  • Fra Bartolomeo, a.k.a. Baccio della Porta (1472–1517), Italian Renaissance painter
  • Santo Bartolomeo Quadri (1919–2008), Italian prelate of Roman Catholic Church
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