Aru and ARU may refer to:

  • Aru Islands, a group of islands in the Moluccas
  • Sultanate of Deli (also known as Aru), an early Islamic polity in northeast Sumatra
  • Aru, Democratic Republic of Congo, a town in Ituri province
  • Aru, Harju County, village in Kuusalu Parish, Harju County, Estonia
  • Aru, Saare County, village in Leisi Parish, Saare County, Estonia
  • Aru, Damavand, village in Damavand County, Tehran Province, Iran
  • Aru, Firuzkuh, village in Firuzkuh County, Tehran Province, Iran
  • Aru, Jammu and Kashmir, village in India
  • Alpha Rho Upsilon, a defunct fraternity in the United States
  • American Railway Union, an industrial union in the United States
  • Anglia Ruskin University, a university in England
  • Aquarium Rescue Unit, an American jazz-rock band
  • Armed Response Unit, a special unit in the British police force
  • Army Rugby Union, organisational body for rugby union in the British Army
  • The National Rail code for Arundel railway station, a railway station in England
  • Australian Rugby Union, governing body for rugby union in Australia
  • Interactive voice response (also Audio or Automated response unit), a telecommunications device
  • Autonomous Recording Unit, an audio recording device

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Alpha Rho Upsilon - Founding and History
... of the Thorndike Club, a dining club formed in 1937 for non-fraternity students at the college, ARU was founded in 1946 by a group of Bowdoin students, who included World War II veterans, in reaction to ... The letters ARU stood for "All Races United," and they lived up to their name by, for example, sponsoring a Japanese student in 1951 ... and Koelln played significant roles in the formation of ARU as a fraternity that welcomed students of all religions and ethnic backgrounds into its ...
Aru Territory
... Aru is a territory in Ituri District, Orientale Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the name of the territory's administrative capital, Aru Town ... During the 1998-2006 war in DRC, Aru was the base of the Ituri militia FAPC headed by Jerome Kakwavu ... While the war had a severe impact on the region, Aru was spared the atrocities that ravaged the rest of Ituri district ...
Aru Flying Fox
... The Aru flying fox (Pteropus aruensis) is a Critically Endangered species of megabat in the Pteropodidae family found in the Aru Islands in Indonesia ...
Scorţaru Nou
... Scorţaru Nou is a commune located in Brăila County, Romania ... It is composed of four villages Gurguieţi, Pitulaţi, Scorţaru Nou and Sihleanu ...