Alex Cross (novel Series)

Alex Cross (novel Series)

Alex Cross is a crime, mystery, and thriller novel series focusing on the protagonist Alex Cross as he fights off against threats to his family and Washington, D.C., Cross is a widowed father and detective; his wife died leaving him with his children, Damon and Janelle and his grandmother, Nanna Mama. The Alex Cross series is written by author James Patterson, who has also created the Witch and Wizard series and the Middle School series, etc. The series is narrated in first-person perspective by Alex Cross and also narrates from the villains' point-of-view. The series has been published in the United States and UK, in paperback and hardcover editions. The books are currently being published by Little, Brown. The first book in the series, Along Came a Spider, was released on 1993 to positive reviews, spawning a series of eighteen sequels. The series has led to three films, Along Came a Spider, Kiss the Girls, and Alex Cross with a possible sequel, despite very negative reception from the films.

As of October 2012, the only book to receive negative reviews is Kill Alex Cross, while Cross Country. The books have usually been on the Bestseller list (#1) for numerous weeks, with the exception of two negative-received books. Patterson has been reported to help write the screenplay for Double Cross. Even though there are majority of books (although there are 19 of them so far), the main antagonist is Kyle Craig since his reign of terror in Roses Are Red all the way to book 17, Cross Fire when he shot a gas tank, which exploded killing himself and his targets, police officers. In the series, Alex is ultimately challenged and must fight against the hardest criminals. Cross' motivation is usually Maria, his deceased wife, or his family and the possibilities of someone harming them, or even just to solve the cases before they spiel out of control.

While he has written many book series besides Cross, such as Maximum Ride or the Middle School series and Witch and Wizard, The Alex Cross series is depicted and believed among many people to be the best series of books Patterson has ever written. The first few books, including Along Came a Spider, were barely over 300 pages while the newer ones are way over 300. However, Merry Christmas, Alex Cross was only, at average, 350 pages. I, Alex Cross is considered to be the "best" book in the series with Double Cross striking at #2 in the series. James Patterson later revealed he doesn't come up with ", his wife does. He has reported this at the official James Patterson website.

The newest book Alex Cross, Run (which was originally under the working title of 'Run, Alex Cross, Run!') is set for a release in 2013. The book, featuring Alex Cross, shows Alex going against an old enemy, who has gone through surgery, making him unrecognizable. He gets out of prison, but with a vengeance—he wants to kill the person who put him there—Alex Cross. The series has, in total so far, been given—all in all—mixed to positive reception.

A new sequel, Cross My Heart, is scheduled for a November 25, 2013, release date.

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