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  • Along Came a Spider, in the original and first chapter of the Cross series, Gary Soneji, a "Math teacher", kidnaps Maggie Rose Dunne, famous actor Katherine Dunne's daughter, and her friend hostage. However, with one of them being kidnapped—again—and the other killed, Alex Cross, a Washington, D.C., detective is on the case with best friend John Sampson. In 2001, the novel was adapted into a film starring Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross, Monica Potter as Jezzie Flannigan, and Michael Wincott as Soneji.
  • Kiss the Girls, the Cassanova, a new murderer, strikes and even kidnapps Alex's niece, Naomi. In 1997, the novel was adapted into a film starring Morgan Freeman as Cross and Ashley Judd as Kate McTernian.
  • Jack & Jill, Alex faces against Jack and Jill, a new pair of murders, kill famous people and one of their targets is the president. Not only this, but when Alex discovers there have been murders at Damon's school, he must wrestle against two different groups of murders.
  • Cat and Mouse, Gary Soneji strikes back at Alex, but after a wild chase, Soneji is killed. However, after Alex is nearly killed at his own home, detective Thomas Pierce, who is on the "Mr. Smith"—who allegedly killed Pierce's wife—case, is put on the case.
  • Pop Goes the Weasel, when a series or murders rage out of hand in Southeast, Alex must solve the case, but when Christine is kidnapped—and the kidnapper possibly the Southeast killer—Alex will do anything to solve the case.
  • Roses are Red somebody is trying to kill Alex Cross but before he does he begins a killing spree.
  • Violets Are Blue, Kyle Craig is revealed as the murderer from the previous novel, and Alex must stop him from continuing his killing spree.
  • Four Blind Mice, three Army Rangers, had committed a crime in Vietnam War; now years later, similar murders begin and may relate to the Military.
  • The Big Bad Wolf, The Wolf, a Russian mobster, kidnapps people and sells them for sex slavery.
  • London Bridges, Geoffrey Shafer returns and teams up with a new DC murderer, The Wolf. Alex, in the middle of training in the FBI, is soon put on the case.
  • Mary, Mary, a mysterious murderer is killing famous people, and Alex must solve the murders before it's too late . . .
  • Cross, in the 12th book in the Cross series, Cross faces off against an assassin, who works for the mob, that may have in fact killed Maria Cross, Alex's deceased wife. In 2012, the novel was adapted into a film starring Tyler Perry as Cross and Matthew Fox as The Butcher (renamed Picasso in the film).
  • Double Cross Alex Cross has found a new girlfriend, Bree Stone, who is also a police officer, and Kyle Craig has escaped from prison with a vengeance, yet a new criminal mastermind, DCAK, has strikes and proves to be one of Cross' greatest challenges.
  • Cross Country Alex goes against the Tiger, a new murderer, who wants to kill Alex for trying to stop him from kidnapping and murdering people. But when the Tiger kidnapps, Alex's family, Alex will do everything he can to get them back.
  • Alex Cross's Trial Alex's tells a story of his ancestor's heroric actions.
  • I, Alex Cross when Alex's niece is kidnapped. Alex is put on the case and will go to ultimate depths to find the killer.
  • Cross Fire Kyle Craig comes back to finish off what he began in Double Cross. Going as far as ever than before, he is out to exact revenge upon Cross.
  • Kill Alex Cross when the President's children are kidnapped. Alex is put on the case and seems relentless to give up, while DC faces a threat like never before.
  • Merry Christmas, Alex Cross, when Cross' church is robbed he goes to investigate while being put on a case of a series of murders. He may not make it home for Christmas.
  • Alex Cross, Run, in the 20th novel in the series, Alex arrests plastic surgeant Elijha Creem, but now, Creem is out of jail and wants to retaliate on Alex; meanwhile, Alex must solve three murder cases all at once while someone may be watching over him at the same time.
  • Cross My Heart, Alex Cross has been a family man at heart—he loves his children, his grandmother, and his beautiful wife Bree. Alex Cross has managed to stop serial killers and survive. But all of that is about to change. When a brand-new foe targets Alex's family, our hero finds himself in a whole new game. If he tries to save the his family or try to stop the killer, they die. Can Alex protect his family and stop a new killer at the same time?

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