4th Canadian Parliament

The 4th Canadian Parliament was in session from 13 February 1879 until 18 May 1882. The membership was set by the 1878 federal election on 17 September 1878. It was dissolved prior to the 1882 election.

It was controlled by a Conservative/Liberal-Conservative majority under Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald and the 3rd Canadian Ministry. The Official Opposition was the Liberal Party, first led by Alexander Mackenzie, and then by Edward Blake.

The Speaker was Joseph Godéric Blanchet. See also List of Canadian electoral districts 1873-1882 for a list of the ridings in this parliament.

There were four sessions of the 4th Parliament:

Session Start End
1st 13 February 1879 15 May 1879
2nd 12 February 1880 7 May 1880
3rd 9 December 1880 21 March 1881
4th 9 February 1882 17 May 1882

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