Yavana Kingdom

Yavana Kingdom

Yavana or Yona is a community in Hindu mythology. They are grouped under western countries along with Sindhu, Madra, Kekeya, Gandhara and Kamboja as per the descriptions in the epic Mahabharata. This word is also used in Indian history to indicate Greeks and later Arabs from 7th century AD.

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Yavana Kingdom - References in Mahabharata - Other References
... Yavana king was present in the self choice ceremony of Panchala princess (1189) ... King Jayadratha of Sindhu had a Kamboja princess and a Yavana princess as his wives (1122) ... A Yavana king is mentioned in the list of great kings that includes Yayati, Nahusha, Puru, Bharata and Yadu (13165) ...

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