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List Of Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Episodes - Second Part (season 2)
... the moral issues of such a situation, with Yang Wen-li standing for democracy because a corrupt democracy can be amended, while a dictatorship can only be overthrown by force, and a wise dictator is an ... The Attenborough Fleet is on the verge to be crushed, but Yang Wen-li, with the help of Admiral Merkatz, goes out of Iserlohn with the whole fleet and saves the day (January, 16 ... a match to Iserlohn's, so the Imperial fleet will be able to defeat the Iserlohn Fleet ...
List Of Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Episodes - Third Part (Season 3)
... Meanwhile Frederica and Yang marry and enjoy their private time ... The Imperial government keeps an eye on Yang's new life, but does not interfere ... The Merkatz fleet is only 60 ships, but they plan to procure more from raids and decommissioned Alliance ships ...

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