Windows Meeting Space

Windows Meeting Space (codenamed Windows Collaboration) is the name of a peer-to-peer collaboration program in Windows Vista that supports 2–10 users. Meeting Space does not exist in any version of Windows 7. It is a replacement for the older Windows NetMeeting application; however, features like microphone support and the ability to set up audio or video conferences are now removed.

Windows Meeting Space supports ad hoc meetings, application sharing, file transfer, and simple messaging within a network and works primarily inside the firewall, and requires IT involvement (on both sides) to bridge firewalls. For collaboration over the Internet, Microsoft has released Microsoft SharedView, which can work through firewalls using HTTP if necessary.

Windows Meeting Space has the ability to automatically set up an ad hoc wireless network if it can't find an existing network, which enables use in a conference room, a hotspot, or a place where no network exists. People can join a session that someone else sets up, or they can start a session and invite other people to join. It is also notable because it is one of the first applications for the peer to peer framework and hence requires IPv6. Windows Meeting Space uses Windows Vista's support for Teredo tunneling to allow IPv6 connections over the Internet.

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