What is treated?

  • (adj): Given medical care or treatment.
    Example: "A treated cold is usually gone in 14 days; if left untreated it lasts two weeks"
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Some articles on treated:

Mental Health (Care And Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 - Principles - Individual Abilities and Background
... that any restrictions on a person's freedom are the least necessary the person being treated under the act shouldn't be treated any less favourably than anyone else being treated for a mental illness, or other ...
Sidney Hollander Award - The Sidney Hollander Foundation
... a humanitarian, Hollander was an avid believer that all men should be treated equally ... African Americans, especially, should be treated in the same way as any other American ... Hollander wanted to create a place to live where everybody would be treated equally ...
... Semiliquidambar is a genus of plants, most recently treated in family Altingiaceae, though previously often treated in Hamamelidaceae ... research suggests that it may not be a true genus, but that the species normally treated within it are hybrids of other species of Altingiaceae the taxonomy of that entire family is ...
Letters Of An Indian Judge To An English Gentlewoman
... he befriended his superior, and when with him, is treated to a life that he had known not since he had left England ... Although, it eventually becomes apparent that he is only being treated kindly by the white ruling class when in this man's company, and when his superior leaves town for several days, he is again treated horribly ...
... Sunira was treated as a subgenus of Agrochola by Ronkay et al ... in 2001, but is still treated as a valid genus by Brian Pitkin et al ... If treated as a valid genus, it contains the following species Sunira bicolorago Sunira decipiens Sunira verberata ...

More definitions of "treated":

  • (adj): (of a specimen for study under a microscope) treated with a reagent or dye that colors only certain structures.
  • (adj): Subjected to a physical (or chemical) treatment or action or agent.
    Example: "The sludge of treated sewage can be used as fertilizer"; "treated timbers resist rot"; "treated fabrics resist wrinkling"

Famous quotes containing the word treated:

    The prostitute is the scapegoat for everyone’s sins, and few people care whether she is justly treated or not. Good people have spent thousands of pounds in efforts to reform her, poets have written about her, essayists and orators have made her the subject of some of their most striking rhetoric; perhaps no class of people has been so much abused, and alternatively sentimentalized over as prostitutes have been but one thing they have never yet had, and that is simple legal justice.
    —Alison Neilans. “Justice for the Prostitute—Lady Astor’s Bill,” Equal Rights (September 19, 1925)

    Utopias are presented for our inspection as a critique of the human state. If they are to be treated as anything but trivial exercises of the imagination. I suggest there is a simple test we can apply.... We must forget the whole paraphernalia of social description, demonstration, expostulation, approbation, condemnation. We have to say to ourselves, “How would I myself live in this proposed society? How long would it be before I went stark staring mad?”
    William Golding (b. 1911)

    Most works of art are effectively treated as commodities and most artists, even when they justly claim quite other intentions, are effectively treated as a category of independent craftsmen or skilled workers producing a certain kind of marginal commodity.
    Raymond Williams (1921–1988)