What is staunch?

  • (verb): Stop the flow of a liquid.
    Example: "Staunch the blood flow"
    Synonyms: stem, stanch, halt
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Some articles on staunch:

Toronto City Council - History - Political History
... The Tories were associated with staunch Protestantism, shown through membership in the Orange Order, and support for the Lord's Day Act ... With the beginning of the Cold War and staunch opposition from the other political groups, the communist presence quickly disappeared ... Jewish alderman, was elected mayor, though he was himself a staunch Tory ...
Douglas Bader - Postwar - Personality
... A staunch conservative with traditional Victorian values, his trenchantly-expressed views on such subjects as juvenile delinquency, apartheid and Rhodesia's defiance ... Even when it emerged that Rudel was a staunch supporter of the Nazi Party, Bader refused to admit that prior knowledge would have changed his mind about his contribution ...
Locks (water Transport) - History and Development - Staunch
... A more sophisticated device was the staunch or water gate, consisting of a gate (or pair of mitred gates) which could be closed (and held shut by water pressure) when the river was low, to float ...
Augustin-Louis Cauchy - Politics and Religious Beliefs
... Augustin Louis Cauchy grew up in the house of a staunch royalist ... In any event, he inherited his father's staunch royalism and hence refused to take oaths to any government after the overthrow of Charles X ... He was an equally staunch Catholic and a member of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul ...
USS Staunch (AM-307) - End-of-War Operations
... Staunch spent the next three months participating in the extensive post-war sweep of the waters around the Japanese home islands ... In November, Staunch joined the major sweep conducted in the Tsushima Strait ... That operation continued into December with Staunch putting into Sasebo periodically for availability ...

More definitions of "staunch":

  • (adj): Firm and dependable especially in loyalty.
    Example: "A staunch defender of free speech"
    Synonyms: steadfast, unswerving