What is smash?

  • (noun): The act of colliding with something.
    Example: "The fullback's smash into the defensive line"
    Synonyms: crash
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Some articles on smash:

Smash Williams
... Brian "Smash" Williams is a fictional character in the NBC/DirecTV(The 101 Network) drama television series Friday Night Lights portrayed by actor Gaius Charles ... the roster after quarterback Jason Street, Smash received his nickname from his father after hitting a water heater ... Smash is believed to be based on Boobie Miles from the Friday Night Lights book and film ...
Shuttler - Strategy
... Often rallies finish with a smash, but setting up the smash requires subtler strokes ... lift the shuttlecock, which gives an opportunity to smash ... of the court, which makes the subsequent smash much harder to return ...
Smash - Computing
... SMASH (hash) WebSphere sMash, a software environment Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware Smash, the programming language used in Adventure ...

More definitions of "smash":

  • (verb): Break into pieces, as by striking or knocking over.
    Example: "Smash a plate"
    Synonyms: dash
  • (verb): Break suddenly into pieces, as from a violent blow.
    Example: "The window smashed"
  • (verb): Overthrow or destroy (something considered evil or harmful).
    Example: "The police smashed the drug ring after they were tipped off"
  • (adv): With a loud crash.
    Example: "The car went smash through the fence"
    Synonyms: smashingly
  • (verb): Hit (a tennis ball) in a powerful overhead stroke.
  • (verb): Humiliate or depress completely.
    Synonyms: crush, demolish
  • (verb): Collide or strike violently and suddenly.
    Example: "The motorcycle smashed into the guard rail"
  • (verb): Hit violently.
    Example: "She smashed her car against the guard rail"
  • (noun): A hard return hitting the tennis ball above your head.
    Synonyms: overhead
  • (noun): A serious collision (especially of motor vehicles).
    Synonyms: smash-up

Famous quotes containing the word smash:

    The spirit of the place is a strange thing. Our mechanical age tries to override it. But it does not succeed. In the end the strange, sinister spirit of the place, so diverse and adverse in differing places, will smash our mechanical oneness into smithereens.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    No direct hit to smash the shatter-proof
    And lodge at last the quivering needle
    Clean in the eye of one who stands transfixed
    In fascination of her brightness.
    Karl Shapiro (b. 1913)

    You make a toast for tomorrow
    and smash the cup,
    letting your false women lap the dish I had to fatten up.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)