What is response?

  • (noun): A bodily process occurring due to the effect of some foregoing stimulus or agent.
    Synonyms: reaction
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More definitions of "response":

  • (noun): A statement (either spoken or written) that is made in reply to a question or request or criticism or accusation.
    Synonyms: answer, reply
  • (noun): A result.
    Example: "This situation developed in response to events in Africa"
  • (noun): The manner in which something is greeted.
    Synonyms: reception
  • (noun): A phrase recited or sung by the congregation following a versicle by the priest or minister.
  • (noun): The speech act of continuing a conversational exchange.
    Synonyms: reply

Famous quotes containing the word response:

    Parents’ accepting attitudes can help children learn to be open and tolerant. Parents can explain unfamiliar behavior or physical handicaps and show children that the appropriate response to differences should be interest rather than revulsion.
    Dian G. Smith (20th century)

    Women had to deal with the men’s response when the women wanted more time “out” of the home; men now must deal with the women’s response as men want more time “in.”
    Kyle D. Pruett (20th century)

    Play for young children is not recreation activity,... It is not leisure-time activity nor escape activity.... Play is thinking time for young children. It is language time. Problem-solving time. It is memory time, planning time, investigating time. It is organization-of-ideas time, when the young child uses his mind and body and his social skills and all his powers in response to the stimuli he has met.
    James L. Hymes, Jr. (20th century)