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Modern Technique Of The Pistol - Components - Flash Sight Picture
... The Flash Sight Picture is a method of allowing the cognitive faculties of the shooter to align the target and the sights without the delay involved in the ... the pistol is drawn from the holster and fired from the hip, without the sights being aligned at all ... In slow-fire rifle shooting, the front sight and rear sight of the rifle are aligned with the distant target with great care, taking at least several seconds ...
Smith & Wesson Model 645 - History
... was a single-action target version of the Model 645, with a match barrel, Novak sight (an adjustable rear sight was optional), an adjustable trigger stop, and walnut grip plates ... A Novak Lo-Mount rear sight was installed on a small number of 4505s ... satin finished stainless steel, a Novak Lo-Mount rear sight later in the series, and a Xenoy wrap-around grip with either a straight or arched backstrap ...
MG 42 - Design Details
... an inverted "V" height adjustable front sight on a folding post and a leaf rear sight with an open V notch sliding on a ramp, graduated from 200 to 2,000 meters (219 to 2,187 yards) ... There is an antiaircraft rear peep sight hinged on the open rear sight base ... An auxiliary antiaircraft ring sight is kept in the maintenance kit, and fitting on the barrel jacket to be used in conjunction with the folding antiaircraft rear ...
Springfield Model 1870 - Variants
... The rear sight was improved, and the receiver was shortened to create the Model 1870 receiver ... The rear sight on the first Model 1870 was almost against the receiver ... In this version the rear sight was moved up so that it was about half an inch away from the receiver ...
Comparison Of The AK-47 And M16 - Comparison of Characteristics - Sights
... The M16 has a 500mm (19.75 inches) sight radius ... The M16 uses an L-type flip, aperture rear sight and it is adjustable with two setting, 0 to 300 meters and 300 to 400 meters ... The front sight is a post adjustable for elevation in the field ...

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