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Public-key Vs. Transient-key Cryptography
... Both public-key and transient-key systems can be used to generate digital signatures that assert that a given piece of data has not changed since it was signed ... In a traditional public key system, the public/private keypair is typically assigned to an individual, server, or organization ... Data signed by a private key asserts that the signature came from the indicated source ...
Cryptovirology - General Information
... encryption scheme is a public key cryptosystem (3-tuple of algorithms) with two supplementary algorithms, forming a 5-tuple of algorithms ... It includes a deliberately bogus yet carefully designed key pair generation algorithm that produces a "fake" public key ... The corresponding private key (witness of non-encryption) cannot be used to decipher data "encrypted" using the fake public key ...
RSA Problem
... In cryptography, the RSA problem summarizes the task of performing an RSA private-key operation given only the public key ... For large RSA key sizes (in excess of 1024 bits), no efficient method for solving this problem is known if an efficient method is ever developed, it would threaten the current or eventual security of RSA ... specifically, the RSA problem is to efficiently compute P given an RSA public key (N, e) and a ciphertext C ≡ Pe (mod N) ...
Elliptic Curve Diffie–Hellman - Key Establishment Protocol
... Suppose Alice wants to establish a shared key with Bob, but the only channel available for them may be eavesdropped by a third party ... Also, each party must have a key pair suitable for elliptic curve cryptography, consisting of a private key (a randomly selected integer in the interval ) and a public key (where ) ... Let Alice's key pair be and Bob's key pair be ...
... In cryptography, signcryption is a public-key primitive that simultaneously performs the functions of both digital signature and encryption ... In public key schemes, a traditional method is to digitally sign a message then followed by an encryption (signature-then-encryption) that can have two problems Low efficiency and high cost of such ... instead of simple encryption, and a single session-key reused for several encryptions to achieve better overall efficiency across many signature-encryptions than a signcryption scheme but the session-key reuse ...

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