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Merkle Signature Scheme - Signature Verification
... The receiver knows the public key, the message, and the signature ... of, the receiver computes by hashing the public key of the one-time signature ... If equals the public key of the merkle signature scheme, the signature is valid ...
Data Validation And Certification Server - Services Provided By DVCS - Validation of Public Key Certificates
... The Validation of Public Key Certificates service is used to verify and assert the validity (according to ) of one or more public key certificates at the specified time ... When verifying a public key certificate, the DVCS verifies that the certificate included in the request is a valid certificate and determines its revocation status at a specified time ...
... Transport layer security pre-shared key ciphersuites (TLS-PSK) is a set of cryptographic protocols that provide secure communication based on pre-shared keys (PSKs) ... These pre-shared keys are symmetric keys shared in advance among the communicating parties ... The first set of ciphersuites uses only symmetric key operations for authentication ...
Security Of Automated Teller Machines - Security
... security, it is of a great importance in cases where cipher keys reside in terminals ... of physical security, an abuser may be probe for a key or substitute its value ... Moreover, the use of public key cryptosystem (PKC) where public keys in the Electronic funds transfer are made recourse to prove to be insecure in the absence of physical security at the entry points ...
Lamport Signature - Security Parameters
... In Lamport signatures, each bit of the public key and signature is based on short messages requiring only a single invocation to a hash function ... For each private key yi,j and its corresponding zi,j public key pair, the private key length must be selected so performing a preimage attack on the length of the input is not faster than performing a preimage ... For example, in a degenerate case, if each private key yi,j element was only 16 bits in length, it is trivial to exhaustively search all 216 possible ...

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