Asymmetric Key

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Modern Cryptography - Public-key Cryptography
... Symmetric-key cryptosystems use the same key for encryption and decryption of a message, though a message or group of messages may have a different key than others ... A significant disadvantage of symmetric ciphers is the key management necessary to use them securely ... Each distinct pair of communicating parties must, ideally, share a different key, and perhaps each ciphertext exchanged as well ...
History Of Cryptography - Modern Cryptography - Public Key
... new method of distributing cryptographic keys, which went far toward solving one of the fundamental problems of cryptography, key distribution, and has become known as Diffie-Hellman ... public development of a new class of enciphering algorithms, the asymmetric key algorithms ... time, all useful modern encryption algorithms had been symmetric key algorithms, in which the same cryptographic key is used with the underlying algorithm by both the sender and the ...

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