What is negative discipline?

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Positive Discipline
... Positive Discipline (or PD) is a discipline model used by schools that focuses on the positive points of behaviour, based on the idea that there are no bad children, just good and bad behaviors ... People engaging in positive discipline are not ignoring problems ... Positive discipline includes a number of different techniques that, used in combination, can lead to a more effective way to manage groups of students ...

Famous quotes containing the words discipline and/or negative:

    Counsel men to discipline their children, but not to divorce their wives.
    Chinese proverb.

    In a country where misery and want were the foundation of the social structure, famine was periodic, death from starvation common, disease pervasive, thievery normal, and graft and corruption taken for granted, the elimination of these conditions in Communist China is so striking that negative aspects of the new rule fade in relative importance.
    Barbara Tuchman (1912–1989)