What is mutiny?

  • (verb): Engage in a mutiny against an authority.
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Mutiny is a conspiracy among members of a group of similarly situated individuals (typically members of the military; or the crew of any ship, even if they are civilians) to openly oppose, change or overthrow an authority to which they are subject. The term is commonly used for a rebellion among members of the military against their superior officer(s), but can also occasionally refer to any type of rebellion against an authority figure.

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Some articles on mutiny:

Mutiny Of The Matoika
... Mutiny of the Matoika is the common name for the events in July 1920 involving a large portion of the Olympic team of the United States while on board the U.S ... The event was not a mutiny in the traditional sense, but has been called that since the mid-1930s ...
Mutiny Collective - Smear Campaign
... In an open letter by the Mutiny collective in May 2007, the group said that it had been "smeared by the corporate media and much of the left for action at the g20 summit" ... The comments by Marcus Greville that allegedly implicated Mutiny in the confrontations with the police and blamed the violence on anarchists at the G20 ... meeting on 30 April "members of the anarchist group Mutiny, the student-based Solidarity group and the International Socialist Organisation argued for, and won, a motion to remove the line 'Join the peaceful protest ...
Charles Cunningham - Actions During The Mutiny
... During the mutiny, only Cunningham aboard the Clyde and Sir Harry Burrard-Neale aboard HMS St Fiorenzo were able to retain control over the sailors on their respective ships ... By 22 May, the mutiny became more violent due to the Admiralty refusing to make any concessions ... crew at 9pm and announced his intention to escape the mutiny by sailing the Clyde out of the port in the next three hours so that they would arrive at Sheerness ...
Mutiny - Famous Mutinies - After World War II
... The Royal Indian Navy Mutiny encompasses a total strike and subsequent mutiny by the Indian sailors of the Royal Indian Navy on board ship and shore establishments at Bombay (Mumbai) harbour on 18 ... The Storozhevoy Mutiny occurred on 9 November 1975 in Riga, Latvia ... The Velos mutiny On 23 May 1973, the captain of HNS Velos, refused to return to Greece after a NATO exercise ...
Stag Hound - Mutiny
... She had one mutiny on board, at Anjer, in 1860, where the first and second mate were reported stabbed by members of the crew ...

More definitions of "mutiny":

  • (noun): Open rebellion against constituted authority (especially by seamen or soldiers against their officers).