What is mounted?

  • (adj): Assembled for use; especially by being attached to a support.
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Tortoise Heavy Assault Tank - Armament
... The 32-pdr gun was mounted in a power-assisted limited traverse mounting rather than being mounted on the more traditional trunnions, it protruded ... A further two Besa machine guns were mounted in a turret on the top of the hull to the right ...
Rattler (G.I. Joe) - Toys - Original Version
... Primary modifications included moving the A-10's fuselage-mounted engines to the wings (in order to facilitate a VTOL system in which the Rattler's wings pivoted ... of the Cobra Rattler came armed with dorsal-mounted dual machine guns turret, a nose-mounted anti-tank gatling gun, four air-to-air missiles, two large anti-tank bombs, two anti-tank bombs with ...
Mower Configurations
... The cutting units can be mounted underneath the tractor between the front and rear wheels, mounted on the back with a three-point hitch or pulled behind the ... are also dedicated self-propelled cutting machines, which often have the mower units mounted at the front and sides for easy visibility by the driver ... Boom or side-arm mowers are mounted on long hydraulic arms, similar to a backhoe arm, which allows the tractor to mow steep banks or around objects while remaining on a safer surface ...
Honda C Engine
... engine family can be broken down into three sub families C20A, C20AT, C25A and C27A (transversely mounted) C30A and C32B (transversely mounted rear) C32A, C35A, and C35B (one-off) (longitudin ...
Manual Transmission - Gear Shift Types - Console-mounted Shifter
... Console-mounted shifters are similar to floor-mounted gear shifters in that most of the ones used in modern cars operate on a horizontal plane and can be mounted to the vehicle's transmission in ... of the shifter to the rest of the controls on the panel often require that the gearshift be mounted in a space that does not feature a lot of controls ... such as storage compartments without requiring that the gear shift be mounted on the steering column ...

More definitions of "mounted":

  • (adj): Decorated with applied ornamentation; often used in combination.
    Example: "The trim brass-mounted carbine of the ranger"- F.V.W.Mason

Famous quotes containing the word mounted:

    ... the sentimentalist ... exclaims: “Would you have a woman step down from her pedestal in order to enter practical life?” Yes! A thousand times, yes! If we can really find, after a careful search, any women mounted upon pedestals, we should willingly ask them to step down in order that they may meet and help to uplift their sisters. Freedom and justice for all are infinitely more to be desired than pedestals for a few.
    Bertha Honore Potter Palmer (1849–1918)

    Casey Jones, mounted to the cabin,
    Casey Jones, throttle in his hand,
    Casey Jones mounted to the cabin,
    Took his farewell journey to the Promised Land.
    Unknown. Casey Jones (l. 49–52)

    So Lycidas sunk low, but mounted high
    Through the dear might of him that walk’d the waves,
    Where other groves and other streams along
    With nectar pure his oozy locks he laves
    And hears the unexpressive nuptial song
    In the bless’d kingdoms meek of joy and love.
    There entertain him all the saints above
    In solemn troops and sweet societies,
    That sing, and singing in their glory move,
    And wipe the tears for ever from his eyes.
    John Milton (1608–1674)