What is Maratha?

  • (noun): A member of a people of India living in Maharashtra.
    Synonyms: Mahratta


The Maratha (;, archaically transliterated as Marhatta or Mahratta) are an Indian warrior caste, found predominantly in the state of Maharashtra. The term Marāthā has two related usages: within the Marathi-speaking region it describes the dominant Maratha caste; historically, it describes the Maratha Empire founded by Shivaji in the seventeenth century and continued by his successors, which included many castes.

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... One the royal and honourable title found among the Royal Maratha Family ... other titles found among Maratha Community in Maharashtra and Maratha occupying Regions of India ... Saranjam under Peshwa Period was Mainly on the Basis of Bravery of Maratha Generals from Cast like Maratha,Brahman Etc ...
Sawant - See Also
... Maratha Maratha Empire Maratha clan system List of Maratha dynasties and states Bhonsle Gaekwad Scindia Puars Holkar Peshwa Sawantwadi Goa ] ...
Maratha - Military Service
... The British recognised Maratha as a martial race, beginning early in the 20th century ... Bengal, the Tamils and Telugus of Madras and the so-called Marathas of Bombay." Sikata Banerje notes a dissonance in British military opinions of the Maratha, wherein the British portrayed them as both "fo ... the most worthy antagonist, the Mahratta the most formidable enemy." The Maratha Light Infantry regiment of the Indian Army is one of the "oldest and most renowned" regiments of the Indian Army ...
Shirke - In Other Provinces - Gujrat
... The Shirke were part of Maratha community present in Baroda and regions nearby ... They established themselves there along with the Maratha 96k clans due to formation of Maratha Kingdom under the Gaikwad Sardar ... There exist a 'Shri Kulswamini Shirkaidevi seva mandal' at Vadodara which is a Maratha community run by the local 'Shirkes' headed by Kishorchandra B ...
Shitole - History
... They were the Maratha's revenue collecting powers in Maratha history ... Shitoles were also active in the Middle India wars of Maratha history, being Peshwa's faithfuls ... The Battles of Maratha History including Battles of Maratha Freedom Fight (1680-1707), Panipat(1761), Kharda(1795), Anglo-Maratha(1818), Rajakar wars bravely fought by the Shitoles ...