Mughal (also Moghul or Mogul), a word related to the Mongols, may refer to:

  • The Mughal Empire of South Asia
    • Mughal emperors
    • Mughal tribe, the Asian peoples from which the rulers of the empire came
    • Mughal architecture, a style of architecture
    • Mughal painting, a style of painting
    • Mughlai cuisine, a "Mughal" style of cooking
    • Mughal gardens, a style of gardens
    • Mughal Army, the Army of Mughal Empire
    • Mirza Mughal, fifth son of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal emperor
    • Mughal-e-Azam, an Indian film, a romantic epic about the early life of Emperor Jahangir

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Shankaraji Narayan Sacheev - Contribution To The Maratha War of Independence
1689, Shankaraji gathered his soldiers in Maval and started attacking nearby Mughal forces ... Santaji and Dhanaji, he attacked another Mughal General Sarjah Khan near Satara and vanquished his army ... fort Sudhagad during the capture of Karigad by Alibaig, the Mughal Officer at Junnar, and later on recaptured the fort ...
Sultan Muhammad Akbar
... (11 September 1657 – 31 March 1706) was a Mughal prince and the second son of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and his Empress consort Dilras Banu Begum ... He was the father of Nikusiyar, who was mughal emperor for a few brief months in 1719 ...
Chikka Devaraja - Relations With The Mughal Empire
... However, soon thereafter, the Mughals under Aurangzeb invaded the region and, having conquered the Maratha-Bijapur province of Carnatic-Bijapur-Balaghat (of which ... The payment for Bangalore was consequently made to Qasim Khan, the Mughal Faujdar Diwan of Sira and through him Chikka Devaraja "assiduously cultivated an alliance" with ... Soon, however, Qasim Khan, his Mughal liaison, died ...