What is franz josef land?

Franz Josef Land

Franz Josef Land, Franz Joseph Land, or Francis Joseph's Land (Russian: Земля Франца-Иосифа, Zemlya Frantsa-Iosifa) is an archipelago located in the far north of Russia. It is found in the Arctic Ocean north of Novaya Zemlya and east of Svalbard, and is administered by Arkhangelsk Oblast. Franz Josef Land consists of 191 ice-covered islands with a total area of 16,134 km2 (6,229 sq mi). It is currently uninhabited.

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Franz Josef Land - Islands - Names of The Islands
... Very few of the islands in Franz Josef Land have Russian names ... nobility were renamed, the aristocratic names of the Franz Josef Archipelago were preserved during the Soviet era ...
Alexander Konrad - Biography
... By early 1914 the ship had drifted with the ice NW of Franz Josef Land and did not seem likely to be freed that year either ... wrote a diary, which is not as extensive as Albanov's story of the ordeal In the Land of White Death, but which gives some interesting clues as to the terrible fate of the ... preparing a hut for the winter at Cape Flora in Franz Josef Land ...
Cossack Explorers - Alphabetical List - S
... He discovered Bunge Land and suggested that there was a vast land north of Kotelny Island, thus introducing a theory about the existence of the legendary ... established the first research station on Franz Josef Land, explored the northwestern Kara Sea and western Severnaya Zemlya, discovering a few islands ... Foka reached Franz Josef Land then, but had to stop for another winter due to lack of coal ...
Fridtjof Nansen - Fram Expedition - Retreat
... calculate their longitude and thus navigate their way accurately to Franz Josef Land ... (93 km 58 mi) from Cape Fligely, the northernmost known point of Franz Josef Land ... leaving this camp Nansen recorded "At last the marvel has come to pass—land, land, and after we had almost given up our belief in it!" Whether this still-distant land was Franz Josef Land or a new discovery ...
Benjamin Leigh Smith
... Smith undertook no less than five scientific expeditions to Svalbard and Franz Josef Land ... shipwrecked at Cape Flora, Northbrook Island (Franz Josef Land), in 1881 ... Ostrov Li-Smita (Leigh-Smith Island), lying east of Hooker Island (Franz Josef Land), was named after this British yachtsman and explorer ...

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