What is flourish?

  • (noun): An ornamental embellishment in writing.
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Bancroft's School - School Song (Latin and Translation)
... May Bancroft's flourish, May the boys flourish, Long live the memory, Of our founder ... Will be (held) in great honour, May Bancroft's flourish, May the masters flourish ...
Saint Mungo - Veneration
... Glasgow's current motto Let Glasgow flourish by the preaching of His word and the praising of His name and the more secular Let Glasgow flourish, are both inspired by Mungo's ...
Flourish, Mighty Land (Prokofiev) - Recordings
... Nevsky Cantata for 20th Anniv of October Revolution Flourish, Mighty Land Seven, They Are Seven Songs of Our Days Zdravitsa Chamber music Overture on Hebrew Themes ...
Superlatives - In Other Languages - Akkadian
... May the gods grant it, and may Teššup, my lord, and Aman make flourish for evermore, just as it is now, this mutual love of ours ... actual last paragraph line contains three words 'may it be', 'flourish', and 'us' ... The verb flourish (from napāhu?, to light up, to rise), uses -e-le-ne-ep-pi-, and the spaces ...
Flourishing - Applications - Education
... He cites that children will be directly affected by the concerted effort to motivate adults to flourish ... While the children might not be directly attempting to flourish, they are feeling the benefits of those around them consciously attempting to flourish ... Furthermore, if students can be made to flourish, then the benefits to the education process will be even greater, as flourishing can increase attention and thought-action repertoires ...

More definitions of "flourish":

  • (verb): Move or swing back and forth.
    Synonyms: brandish, wave
  • (noun): (music) a short lively tune played on brass instruments.
    Example: "He entered to a flourish of trumpets"
    Synonyms: fanfare, tucket
  • (noun): A showy gesture.
    Example: "She entered with a great flourish"
  • (noun): The act of waving.
    Synonyms: brandish
  • (noun): A display of ornamental speech or language.

Famous quotes containing the word flourish:

    My beauty, though but mean,
    Needs not the painted flourish of your praise.
    Beauty is bought by judgment of the eye.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    A person taking stock in middle age is like an artist or composer looking at an unfinished work; but whereas the composer and the painter can erase some of their past efforts, we cannot. We are stuck with what we have lived through. The trick is to finish it with a sense of design and a flourish rather than to patch up the holes or merely to add new patches to it.
    Harry S. Broudy (b. 1905)

    From the very nature of progress, all ages must be transitional. If they were not, the world would be at a stand-still and death would speedily ensue. It is one of the tamest of platitudes but it is always introduced by a flourish of trumpets.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)