What is experimental?

  • (adj): Relying on observation or experiment.
    Example: "Experimental results that supported the hypothesis"
    Synonyms: data-based, observational
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Some articles on experimental:

Neuroepidemiology - Congresses
... To reflect modern achievements in our knowledge in non-experimental and experimental (clinical trials) epidemiology of neurological disorders, the First International Congress of ... the first time, will bring together scientists and experts in all major fields of experimental and non-experimental neuroepidemiology ... will provide an ideal platform for continuing education in all fields of experimental and non-experimental clinical neuroepidemiology ...
Du Pont Experimental Station
... The DuPont Experimental Station is the largest research and development facility of E ... The Experimental Station is a more recent part of the DuPont legacy and is located on the DuPont Historic Corridor ...
European X-ray Free Electron Laser - Research
3 photon beamlines with a total of 6 experimental stations (later to be upgraded to 5 photon beamlines and 10 experimental stations) are foreseen ... The proposed experimental beamlines will enable unique scientific experiments exploiting the high intensity, coherence and time structure of the new source to be conducted in a variety of disciplines ...
Wireless Experimental Centre
... The Wireless Experimental Centre was one of two overseas outposts of Station X, Bletchley Park, the British signals analysis centre during World War II ... were three outstations, the Wireless Experimental Depot in Abbottabad, the Western Wireless sub centre at Bangalore and the Eastern Wireless sub centre at Barrackpore ...
Experimental Mechanics
... Experimental Mechanics (EXME) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Springer ... It is the publication of the Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) ... Experimental Mechanics had a 2008 impact factor of 1.469 ...

More definitions of "experimental":

  • (adj): Relating to or based on experiment.
    Example: "Experimental physics"
  • (adj): Of the nature of or undergoing an experiment.
    Example: "An experimental drug"; "a pilot project"; "a test run"; "a trial separation"

Famous quotes containing the word experimental:

    The very hope of experimental philosophy, its expectation of constructing the sciences into a true philosophy of nature, is based on induction, or, if you please, the a priori presumption, that physical causation is universal; that the constitution of nature is written in its actual manifestations, and needs only to be deciphered by experimental and inductive research; that it is not a latent invisible writing, to be brought out by the magic of mental anticipation or metaphysical mediation.
    Chauncey Wright (1830–1875)

    Philosophers of science constantly discuss theories and representation of reality, but say almost nothing about experiment, technology, or the use of knowledge to alter the world. This is odd, because ‘experimental method’ used to be just another name for scientific method.... I hope [to] initiate a Back-to-Bacon movement, in which we attend more seriously to experimental science. Experimentation has a life of its own.
    Ian Hacking (b. 1936)

    Whenever a man acts purposively, he acts under a belief in some experimental phenomenon. Consequently, the sum of the experimental phenomena that a proposition implies makes up its entire bearing upon human conduct.
    Charles Sanders Peirce (1839–1914)