What is ethical code?

  • (noun): A system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct.
    Synonyms: ethic

Ethical Code

Ethical codes are adopted by organizations to assist members in understanding the difference between 'right' and 'wrong' and in applying that understanding to their decisions. An ethical code generally implies documents at three levels: codes of business ethics, codes of conduct for employees, and codes of professional practice.

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Ethical Code - Examples
... Aviators Model Code of Conduct Bushidō Chivalry-Now Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief Code of the U.S ... Golden Rule) Five Precepts Hippocratic Oath ICC Cricket Code of Conduct Institute of Internal Auditors, Code of Ethics International Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile ... Ten Indian commandments Ten Precepts (Buddhism) Ten Precepts (Taoism) Uniform Code of Military Justice Warrior code ...

Famous quotes containing the words code and/or ethical:

    ...I had grown up in a world that was dominated by immature age. Not by vigorous immaturity, but by immaturity that was old and tired and prudent, that loved ritual and rubric, and was utterly wanting in curiosity about the new and the strange. Its era has passed away, and the world it made has crumbled around us. Its finest creation, a code of manners, has been ridiculed and discarded.
    Ellen Glasgow (1873–1945)

    Everywhere, the ethical predicament of our time imposes itself with an urgency which suggests that even the question “Have we anything to eat?” will be answered not in material but in ethical terms.
    Hugo Ball (1886–1927)