What is collision?

  • (noun): (physics) an brief event in which two or more bodies come together.
    Example: "The collision of the particles resulted in an exchange of energy and a change of direction"
    Synonyms: hit
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A collision is an isolated event in which two or more moving bodies (colliding bodies) exert forces on each other for a relatively short time.

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Some articles on collision:

SS Superior City - Collision
... was nearly halved in the collision." Immediately following the collision, the crew was struggling to lower the lifeboats that were located over the boilers and this concentrated them precisely over the explosion ...
Attack By Means of A Deliberate Collision
... Types of attack by means of a deliberate collision include with the body unarmed striking, punching, kicking, martial arts, pugilism striking directly with a weapon, such as a sword, club or axe ramming with ... also a modern version is used by police forces during raids An attacking collision with a distant object can be achieved by throwing or launching a projectile ...
Collision (TV Series)
... Collision is a five-part television drama miniseries, which debuted on ITV in November 2009 ... The original British broadcast of Collision was edited from the original 5 hours (shown in five parts) down to three and a half hours (210 minutes, shown in two parts) ... Foxtel and Austar's W Channel aired Collision in its original format of five 45-minute episodes (excluding advertisements), Tuesday, 15 March 2011 ...
Collision Avoidance System - History
... Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) began studying whether to make frontal collision warning systems and lane departure warning systems mandatory ... European Commission regarding stimulation of these "collision mitigation by braking" systems ... its own, if the driver does not, to avoid a forward collision and (b) adaptive headlights that would shift the headlights in the direction the driver steers ...
Safety Connect - Technology
... Connect includes four primary functions Advanced Automatic Collision Notification Emergency Assistance Button (SOS) Stolen Vehicle Tracking Roadside Assistance These functions utilize Safety Connect's embedded GPS ... The automatic collision notification will signal for help if airbag deployment or a collision is detected ...

More definitions of "collision":

  • (noun): A conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals.
    Example: "A collision of interests"
  • (noun): An accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object.
    Example: "Three passengers were killed in the collision"; "the collision of the two ships resulted in a serious oil spill"

Famous quotes containing the word collision:

    When the wind carries a cry which is meaningful to human ears, it is simpler to believe the wind shares with us some part of the emotion of Being than that the mysteries of a hurricane’s rising murmur reduce to no more than the random collision of insensate molecules.
    Norman Mailer (b. 1923)

    I know my fate. One day my name will be tied to the memory of something monstrous—a crisis without equal on earth, the most profound collision of conscience, a decision invoked against everything that had previously been believed, demanded, sanctified. I am no man, I am dynamite!
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)