What is closure?

  • (noun): A rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body.
    Synonyms: cloture, gag rule, gag law
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Some articles on closure, closures:

Tonsley Railway Line, Adelaide - 2012 Line Closure
... train services would resume after the year-long closure ... The closure was extended until September, 2013, for electrification of the line ...
British Sugar - Change - Closure
... This was followed by the closure of a site at Spalding in 1989, Peterborough and Brigg in 1991, King's Lynn in 1994, Bardney and Ipswich in 2001, Kidderminster ...
Holmfirth Branch Line - Closure
... The closure of the woollen piece warehouse, which saw little use after World War II, was one of the first antecedents of a decrease in traffic on the line ... from buses reduced revenues further and closure of the line was announced for 31 October 1959 ...
Ferite - Examples
... Basic "Hello World" program uses "console" Console.println( "Hello World" ) Using closures/lambda functions // Define some numbers number x = 10, y = 15, z = 30 // A closure ...

More definitions of "closure":

  • (noun): Something settled or resolved; the outcome of decision making.
    Example: "He needed to grieve before he could achieve a sense of closure"
    Synonyms: settlement, resolution
  • (noun): A Gestalt principle of organization holding that there is an innate tendency to perceive incomplete objects as complete and to close or fill gaps and to perceive asymmetric stimuli as symmetric.
    Synonyms: law of closure
  • (noun): Approaching a particular destination; a coming closer; a narrowing of a gap.
    Synonyms: closing
  • (verb): Terminate debate by calling for a vote.
    Synonyms: cloture
  • (noun): Termination of operations.
    Example: "They regretted the closure of the day care center"
    Synonyms: closedown, closing, shutdown