What is Byzantine?

  • (adj): Of or relating to the Eastern Orthodox Church or the rites performed in it.
    Example: "Byzantine monks"; "Byzantine rites"
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Byzantine Rite
... The Byzantine Rite, sometimes called the Rite of Constantinople or Constantinopolitan Rite is the liturgical rite used currently (in various languages, with various ... Scripture plays a large role in Byzantine worship, with not only daily readings but also many quotes from the Bible throughout the services ...
Byzantine Greece - Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire
... regions of the Roman and later the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire ... the loss of Alexandria and Antioch to the Arabs, Thessaloniki became the Byzantine Empire's second largest city, called the "co-regent" (symbasileuousa ... centers of Christianity in the late Roman and early Byzantine periods ...
Sabir People
... "advertised their power in a huge raid south of the Caucasus, in which they attacked Iranian and Byzantine lands with scrupulous impartiality" ... allied with Sassanid Persia, switched their allegiance to the Byzantines in 552 and invaded the Caucasus ... Byzantine documents normally refer to Sabirs as Sabiroi, although the Byzantine Emperor Constantinos Porphyrogenetos (Constantine VII, 908-959) writes in ...
Islamic Gold Dinar - Background
... Although there was a dictum that the Byzantine solidus was not to be used outside of the Byzantine empire, there was some trade that involved these coins which then did not get re-minted ... of gold from the upper Nile - began to circulate in areas outside of the Byzantine empire ...
Byzantine Greece
... The history of Byzantine Greece mainly coincides with the Eastern Roman or Byzantine Empire ...

More definitions of "Byzantine":

  • (adj): Characterized by elaborate scheming and intrigue; devious.
    Example: "Byzantine methods for holding on to his chairmanship"; "a fine hand for Byzantine deals and cozy arrangements"
  • (adj): Of or relating to or characteristic of the Byzantine Empire or the ancient city of Byzantium.
  • (noun): A native or inhabitant of Byzantium or of the Byzantine Empire.