What is bomber?

  • (noun): A military aircraft that drops bombs during flight.
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A bomber is a military aircraft designed to attack ground and sea targets, by dropping bombs on them, firing torpedoes at them, or – in recent years – by launching cruise missiles at them.

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30th Fighter-Bomber Squadron
... The 30th Fighter-Bomber Squadron is an inactive United States Air Force unit ... Its last assignment was with the 37th Fighter-Bomber Wing, based at Clovis Army Airfield, New Mexico ...
Bomber - History - Modern Era
... In modern air forces, the distinction between bombers, fighter-bombers, and attack aircraft has become blurred ... Perhaps the one meaningful distinction at present is the question of range a bomber is generally a long-range aircraft capable of striking targets deep within enemy territory ... and Russia for successors to the current strategic bomber force remain only paper projects, and political and funding pressures suggest that they are likely to remain so for the ...
The Bomber B Project
... Accordingly the RLM sent out the specifications for Bomber B in July 1939, the Ju 88 retroactively becoming Bomber A, which was also an RLM designation initially used on June 3, 1936 for a heavy ... Bomber B called for a new medium bomber with a maximum speed of 600 km/h (375 mph), able to carry a bomb load of 4000 kg (8,820 lb) to any part of Britain from bases in France or Norway ... extended range, larger payload and better performance, the Bomber B design would replace all existing bombers in service ...
Old 666 - History
... and had gained a reputation as a cursed bomber, often coming back from missions with heavy damage ... modifications made Old 666 the most heavily armed bomber in the Pacific Theater ... followed, Zeamer's crew was so busy that they never had the time to adorn their bomber with the traditional nose art, commonly seen on aircraft of that era ...
Convair B-58 Hustler - Notable Appearances in Media
... Jimmy Stewart, a bomber pilot during World War II and the early cold war period, made a film for the Air Force, flying in the back seat of the B-58 on a typical low-altitude attack in ... was used to represent the fictional "Vindicator" bombers which attacked Moscow ... the art used in the original magazine publication of the novel had depicted the "Vindicator" bombers - itself the recycling of the name of a World War II American dive bomber - as almost identical to B-58s but ...

More definitions of "bomber":

  • (noun): A person who plants bombs.