Bomber Command

Bomber Command is an organizational military unit, generally subordinate to the air force of a country. Many countries have a "Bomber Command", although the most famous ones were in Britain and the United States. A Bomber Command is generally used for strategic bombing (although at times, e.g. during the Normandy Landings, may be used for tactical bombing), and is composed of bombers (i.e. planes used to bomb targets).

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Battle Of Berlin (air)
... attacked to prevent concentration of defences in Berlin, and Bomber Command had other responsibilities and operations to conduct ... The campaign was launched by Arthur "Bomber" Harris, AOC of RAF Bomber Command in November 1943 ... By this time he could deploy over 800 long-range bombers on any given night, equipped with new and more sophisticated navigational devices such as H2S radar ...
Alan Boxer - RAF Career
... Ministry from September 1943 and then on the staff at Headquarters RAF Bomber Command from February 1945 ... Station Commander at RAF Wittering in 1958 and Group Captain responsible for Plans at Headquarters Bomber Command in 1959. 1 Group in 1963, Senior Air Staff Officer at Headquarters RAF Bomber Command in 1965 and Defence Services Secretary in 1967 before retiring in 1970 ...
Defence Of The Reich - Oil Campaign (May–November 1944) - Bomber Command and The Ruhr Plants
... RAF Bomber Command struck at synthetic targets in the Ruhr districts until November 1944, when the Combined Chiefs of Staff concluded that the oil plants had been reduced to the extent that further attacks were ... Force 27,000 short tons (24,000 t), and Bomber Command 22,000 short tons (20,000 t) on oil-producing targets ...
USAAF - XXI Bomber Command
... In the Pacific, XXI Bomber Command was also part of the Twentieth Air Force ... were the longest range and most modern bomber in service in the world at the time, although not developed until almost the end of the war ... Hansell with General Curtis LeMay as commander of XXI Bomber Command on January 21, 1945 ...
Army Air Forces Antisubmarine Command - Operations - I Bomber Command
... Atlantic Naval Coastal Frontier requested the Commanding General of the USAAF Eastern Defense Command to undertake offshore patrols with all available aircraft ... For nearly 10 months I Bomber Command bore the brunt of the air war along the Atlantic coast against the U-boats ... The Air Force I Air Support Command dispatched observation and pursuit (fighter) aircraft on patrol out to 40 miles (64 km) offshore from Portland, Maine, south to Wilmington ...

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