What is aldol reaction?

  • (noun): A reaction of aldehydes resulting in an aldol.

Aldol Reaction

The aldol reaction is a powerful means of forming carbon–carbon bonds in organic chemistry. Discovered independently by Charles-Adolphe Wurtz and Alexander Borodin in 1872, the reaction combines two carbonyl compounds (the original experiments used aldehydes) to form a new β-hydroxy carbonyl compound. These products are known as aldols, from the aldehyde + alcohol, a structural motif seen in many of the products. Aldol structural units are found in many important molecules, whether naturally occurring or synthetic. For example, the aldol reaction has been used in the large-scale production of the commodity chemical pentaerythritol and the synthesis of the heart disease drug Lipitor (atorvastatin).

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Biological Aldol Reactions
... Examples of aldol reactions in biochemistry include the splitting of fructose-1,6-bisphosphate into dihydroxyacetone and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate in the second stage of ... into the four-carbon succinate and the two-carbon glyoxylate via an aldol cleavage reaction ... This cleavage is very similar mechanistically to the aldolase A reaction of glycolysis ...
Hajos–Parrish–Eder–Sauer–Wiechert Reaction
... The Hajos–Parrish–Eder–Sauer–Wiechert reaction in organic chemistry is a proline catalysed asymmetric Aldol reaction ... The reaction is named after its principal investigators from Hoffmann-La Roche and Schering AG ... catalytic procedure - shown in the reaction equation - leading to the optically active bicyclic ketol as well as the Eder-Sauer-Wiechert modification leading to the optically active enedione ...
Ytterbium(III) Chloride - Uses - Catalysis
... of YbCl3 allows YbCl3 to coordinate (usually as +) in transition states to catalyze alkylation reactions, such as the aldol reaction and the Pictet-Spengler reaction ... Aldol reaction The aldol reaction is a versatile reaction in synthetic organic chemistry ... catalyst which aids the Pd(0) catalyzed decarboxylative aldol reaction between a ketone enolate and an aldehyde ...
Chiral Lewis Acid - Applications of CLAs in Asymmetric Synthesis - Aldol Reaction
... In the aldol reaction, the diastereoselectivity of the product is often dictated by the geometry of the enolate according to the Zimmerman-Traxler model ... The transition structures for reactions with both the R and S catalyst enantiomers are shown below ...

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