Wazoo may refer to:

  • Wazoo (album), 2007 live album by Frank Zappa
  • The Grand Wazoo, 1972 album by Frank Zappa
  • Wazoo (candy), candy bar made by Topps incorporated
  • WaZOO (Warp Zillion Opus-to-Opus), the session layer protocol for FidoNet
  • Wazoo, Alabama, the fictional town setting for the movie My Cousin Vinny
  • Wazoo Sports Network, a local sports channel serving Kentucky and southern Indiana
  • Washington State University (WSU), nicknamed Wazoo/Wazzu
  • Slang for anus Originally derived from the Pama-Nyungan languages (the family of Indigenous Australian languages), and thought to refer to the anus of an animal, particularly the kangaroo.

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... An instrumental version now appears on the Wazoo CD featuring the original Wazoo ensemble and debuted at the Hollywood Bowl on September 10, 1972 ... number of personnel to record, and received its basic tracking during the Grand Wazoo and Waka Jawaka sessions in mid-1972 ...
Wazoo (album)
... Wazoo is a live album by Frank Zappa, posthumously released on October 30, 2007 ... given by "The Mothers of Invention/Hot Rats/Grand Wazoo" 20-piece big band on September 24, 1972 at the Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, United States ... many of the compositions were featured on the 1972 studio albums The Grand Wazoo and Waka/Jawaka and on the 1978 studio album Studio Tan ...
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... Revenge" (Chunga's Revenge) "Big Swifty" (Waka/Jawaka, 1972) "Blessed Relief" (The Grand Wazoo, 1972) "Cletus Awreetus-Awrightus" (The Grand Wazoo) "Eat That Question" (The Grand Wazoo) "The Grand Wazoo" (The ...
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... Wazoo (often known as the Wazoo bar) is a candy bar manufactured by Topps incorporated ...