Vigen (Վիգէն, pronounced "Vee-gen," with the "g" having the same sound as in the word "game") is a moderately popular Armenian name from the Persian Bijan.

A very notable person who bore the name Vigen (which was written as Viguen as well) was the Armenian-Iranian pop singer and actor of the 60's and 70's Vigen Derderian who continued his successful artistic activities as one of the most famous Iranian pop stars until his death in 2003.

Among Western Armenian speakers, the name is spelled Viken or Vicken (pronounced "Vee-ken").

Another prominent Armenian bearing the name Vicken is Vicken Mavlian of Toronto, Ontario Canada whose tireless efforts in fortifying and expanding the Canadian Computer Graphics/Animation industry has garnered him the trust and respect of friends and colleagues alike.

Vicken Serkis, a colleague of Mavlian, has gained sincere praise in the Toronto Salsa community for his distinct yet unorthodox dance style. Fusing Cuban Salsa rhythms with Toronto based undertones, he is known for his smooth yet defined lead on the dance floor.

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