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Q-Bus - Interfaces
... controller (MSCP/TMSCP) for 11/83 M6010 32-bit non-isolated dc output module M6010-YA 32-bit non-isolated dc output module (TTL M6011 Non-isolated dc one-shot output module M6012 8-bit ... for TK70 M7573 RQDX4 Controller for RX35, RD50/1/2/3/4 M7602 QVSS Q-bus Video Sub System module for Q22 systems M7602-YA QVSS Q-bus Video Sub System module, bitmap graphics M7605 TQK25 0.25" streaming ... M7957 DZV11 4-line double-buffered async EIA MUX M8006-PA 72-bit opto-isolated output module M8007-PA 72-bit opto-isolated input module M8012 BDV11 Bootstrap ...
Apple II Graphics - Video Output On The Machines - Built-in Video Output Hardware
... an RCA jack providing a rough NTSC, PAL, or SECAM composite video output (on non-NTSC machines before the Apple IIe this output is black-and-white only) ... This enabled the computer to be connected to any composite video monitor conforming to the same standard for which the machine was configured ... However the quality of this output was sketchy the sync signalling was close enough for monitors—which are fairly forgiving—but did not conform closely ...
Apple Displays - Connectors
... Later models also support a composite and S-video adapter attached to this port ... Additionally, various Apple computers have been able to output S-video via standard 4-pin mini-DIN connector Composite video, via S-video port and use of short ... functions as either a headphone jack, or stereo audio and composite video out via an adaptor cable (FireWire Special Edition Clamshell iBooks and early "Dual USB" iBooks with external ...
Netgear Digital Entertainer - Description
... on a network attached home computer running Windows XP, stream audio and video from the PC, stream Internet radio (streaming MP3) ... Inputs/Outputs At a minimum, EVAs have RCA connectors for composite video output, as well as for component video output, S-Video output, a digital S/PDIF audio output, stereo RCA audio outputs, at least 1 ...

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