Vasopressin Cells

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The Supraoptic Nucleus As A "model System" - Stimulus-secretion Coupling
... to, for instance, a rise in the plasma sodium concentration, vasopressin neurons also discharge action potentials in bursts, but these bursts are much longer and are less intense ... It seemed strange that the vasopressin cells should fire in bursts ... As the activity of the vasopressin cells is not synchronised, the overall level of vasopressin secretion into the blood is continuous, not pulsatile ...
Vasoconstriction - Factors and Individual Mechanisms - Endogenous
... ↓ = closes) On vascular smooth muscle cells if not otherwise specified Transduction (↑ = increases ... Angiotensin receptor 1 On smooth muscle cells Activation of Gq --> ↑PLC activity --> ↑IP3 and DAG --> activation of IP3 receptor in SR --> ↑intra ...

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