Twelve Months

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Selective Training And Service Act Of 1940 - World War II Draft
... Congress to extend the term of duty for the draftees beyond twelve months ... drafted in October 1940 threatened to desert once the original twelve months of their service was up ... the hill in October," which meant that the men intended to desert upon the end of their twelve months of duty ...
The Twelve Months
... The Twelve Months may refer to The Twelve Months (fairy tale) The Twelve Months, Russian fairy tale play by Samuil Marshak, written in 1958 The Twelve Months ...
Conscription In Finland
... The service period is six, nine or twelve months for the rank and file conscripts and twelve months for conscripts trained as NCOs or reserve officers ... The length of civilian service is always twelve months ... Those electing to serve unarmed in the military serve either nine or twelve months, depending on their training ...

Famous quotes containing the words months and/or twelve:

    Reminiscences, even extensive ones, do not always amount to an autobiography.... For autobiography has to do with time, with sequence and what makes up the continuous flow of life. Here, I am talking of a space, of moments and discontinuities. For even if months and years appear here, it is in the form they have in the moment of recollection. This strange form—it may be called fleeting or eternal—is in neither case the stuff that life is made of.
    Walter Benjamin (1892–1940)

    The twelve Cells for Incorrigibles ... are also carved out of the solid rock hill. On the walls of one of the cells human “liberty” is clearly inscribed, with the “liberty” in significant quotation marks.
    —Administration in the State of Ariz, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)