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Tours was the birthplace of:

10th Century:

  • Berengarius of Tours (999–1088), theologian

12th Century:

  • Bernard of Tours (fl. 1147, d. before 1178), philosopher and poet

15th Century:

  • Jean Fouquet (1420–1481), painter

17th Century:

  • Abraham Bosse (1604–1676), artist
  • Louise de la Vallière (1644–1710), courtesan
  • Philippe Néricault Destouches (1680–1754), dramatist

18th Century:

  • Gabriel Lamé (1795–1870), mathematician
  • Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850), novelist

19th Century:

  • André-Michel Guerry (1802-1866), lawyer and statistician
  • Théophile Archambault (1806-1863), psychiatrist
  • Ernest Goüin (1815–1885), French engineer
  • Marie of St Peter (1816–1848), mystic carmelite nun
  • Philippe de Trobriand (1816–1897), author, American military officer
  • Emile Delahaye (1843–1905), automobile pioneer
  • Georges Courteline (1858–1929), dramatist and novelist

20th Century:

  • Yves Bonnefoy (1923), poet
  • Laurent Petitguillaume (1960), radio and television host
  • Nâdiya (1973), singer
  • Harry Roselmack (1973) television presenter
  • Ludovic Roy (1977) footballer
  • Zaz (1980), singer
  • Luc Ducalcon (1984), rugby union player
  • Josselin Ouanna (1986)tennis player

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