• (adj): Thrown from side to side.
    Example: "A tossing ship"
    Synonyms: agitated

Some articles on tossing:

Shoe Tossing
... Shoe tossing, is the act of using shoes as improvised projectiles or weapons, is a constituent of a number of folk sports and practices ... A related practice is shoe tossing onto trees or fences ...
Convergence Of Random Variables - Convergence in Distribution
... The outcome from tossing any of them will follow a distribution markedly different from the desired uniform distribution ... is improved, the dice become less and less loaded, and the outcomes from tossing a newly produced dice will follow the uniform distribution more and ... Tossing coins Let Xn be the fraction of heads after tossing up an unbiased coin n times ...
Tossing Seeds (Singles 89–91)
... Tossing Seeds (Singles 89–91) is an album by Superchunk compiling a number of their earliest 7" singles and EPs ... All tracks on Tossing Seeds were recorded at Duck Kee Studios, except for "Seed Toss", which was recorded at the Chicago Recording Company ...
Egg Tossing (behavior)
... Egg tossing is a behavior observed in some species of birds and is related to infanticide ... Among colonial non-co-nesting birds egg-tossing is observed to be performed by conspecific (of the same species) intruders ... The tossing observed was non-accidental the intruder rolled the egg to the edge of the nest by repeatedly flicking it with its beak ...
Sheaf Toss
... Sheaf tossing is also contested in Ireland and Australia particularly at agricultural shows and at fairs Irish sheaf tossing differs from sheaf tossing in Scotland and ...

Famous quotes containing the word tossing:

    Think of our little eggshell of a canoe tossing across that great lake, a mere black speck to the eagle soaring above it!
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Violence upon the roads: violence of horses;
    Some few have handsome riders, are garlanded
    On delicate sensitive ear or tossing mane,
    But wearied running round and round in their courses
    All break and vanish, and evil gathers head:
    Herodias’ daughters have returned again.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    young men, tossing on their beds,
    Rhymed out in love’s despair
    To flatter beauty’s ignorant ear.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)