Toshiko (敏子,俊子、淑子、寿子、稔子、etc.) is a very common female Japanese given name.

  • Toshiko Abe (born 1959), Japanese politician
  • Toshiko Akiyoshi (born 1929), Japanese musician (jazz pianist, composer, arranger, bandleader)
  • Toshiko D'Elia (born 1930), American Masters athletics long distance runner
  • Toshiko Ezaki, Japanese singer and songwriter
  • Toshiko Fujita (born 1950), Japanese voice actress
  • Toshiko Hamayotsu (born 1945), Japanese politician of the New Komeito Party
  • Toshiko Higashikuni (1896-1978), aka Princess Yasu aka Princess Toshiko, 9th daughter of the Japanese Emperor Meiji
  • Toshiko Hirata, writer (poet)
  • Nana Ozaki (born Toshiko Ishihara 1982), Japanese actress
  • Toshiko Kishida (1863-1901), aka Toshiko Nakajima, Japanese feminist, writer (under the pen-name Shōen)
  • Toshiko Kohno, principal flutist in the U.S. National Symphony Orchestra
  • Toshiko Kowada (born 1949), athlete (table tennis world champion, 1969)
  • Toshiko Sawada (born 1936), Japanese voice actress
  • Toshiko Shirasu-Aihara (born 1939), Japanese gymnast and 1964 Olympic medalist
  • Toshiko Takaezu (1922-2011), Japanese American ceramic artist
  • Toshiko Tamura (1884–1945), Japanese novelist
  • Toshiko Ueda (1917–2008), Japanese manga artist
  • Toshiko Yonekawa (born 1913), musician (koto), Living National Treasure

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