Torque Tube

A torque tube system is a driveshaft technology, often used in automobiles with a front engine and rear drive. It is not as widespread as the Hotchkiss drive, but is still occasionally used to this day. Driveshafts are sometimes also used for other vehicles and machinery.

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Hotchkiss Drive
... of direct-drive transmission system is the torque tube, which was also popular until the 1950s) ... In a torque-tube arrangement only a single universal is used at the end of the transmission tailshaft, and this universal should be a constant velocity joint.) In the Hotchkiss drive, slip ... (In the torque-tube type this thrust is taken by the torque tube to the transmission and thence to the transmission and motor mounts to the frame ...
Torque Tube - Application
... Examples of the torque tube were the American cars of the Ford brand up through 1948, which used the less expensive transverse springs that could not take ... as did Nash's 1941 '600' model these also necessitated using a torque tube ... continued to use a coil spring rear suspension design with a torque tube on their large-sized cars (Rambler Classic and Ambassador) through the 1966 model year ...

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