Torque Steer

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Automobile Layout - Front-wheel-drive Layouts - Disadvantages
... Torque steer is the tendency for some front-wheel-drive cars to pull to the left or right under hard acceleration ... It is a result of the offset between the point about which the wheel steers (it is aligned with the points where the wheel is connected to the steering mechanisms) and ... Torque steer can be addressed by using a longitudinal layout, equal length drive shafts, half shafts, a multilink suspension or centre-point steering geometry ...
Self Aligning Torque
... Self aligning torque, also known as aligning torque, SAT, or Mz, is the torque that a tire creates as it rolls along, which tends to steer it, i.e ... In the presence of a non-zero slip angle, this torque tends to steer the tire toward the direction in which it is traveling, hence its name ... The magnitude of this torque can be calculated as the product of the lateral force generated at the contact patch and the distance behind the wheel centre ...

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    I steer my bark with Hope in the head, leaving Fear astern.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)

    Poetry uses the hub of a torque converter for a jello mold.
    Diane Glancy (b. 1941)