Thon may refer to:

  • Dickie Thon, Major League baseball player
  • Konstantin Thon, Russian architect
  • Olaf Thon, German footballer
  • Olav Thon, Norwegian businessman
  • Ozjasz Thon, Polish rabbi
  • Thon Buri, former capital of Thailand and a current district of Bangkok
Fiction and Mythology
  • Thon (mythology), a figure from Greek mythology
  • In the post-apocalyptic science-fiction novel A Canticle for Leibowitz, a "thon" is an academic rank similar to a "don" of today's oxonian and cantabrigian usage (also used elsewhere in academia).
  • In the Star Wars expanded universe, the ancient Jedi Master Thon
  • The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon
  • "Thon", proposed third-person singular gender-neutral pronoun
  • Thon rammana, a pair of Thai and Cambodian drums.
  • -thon, a generic suffix, usually used for fundraising events like walk-a-thons or telethons, usually implying a long duration. Derived from marathon.

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Shadowrun (Sega Genesis Video Game) - Characters - Antagonists
... Thon is a free spirit – an elemental whose summoner was killed – from ancient times, who can only retain his form in reality by seeking magical artifacts ... Thon is alive, but barely so, as he is running out of artifacts ... With his followers, Thon plans to desecrate the elven hero Ellisia's tomb to use Ellisia's body and artifacts to become a physical entity ...
Lisa Thon
... Lisa Thon is a fashion designer born in San Juan, Puerto Rico ... After graduating from high school, Thon began her studying fashion at the Altos de Chavón in Dominican Republic and completed her Bachelors Degree at Parsons ... In 1996, Thon established her brand recognition, and opened her store and Fashion Design School in San Juan, Puerto Rico ...
Cortland Sport Management Club - Walk A Thon
... year of the Cortland Sport Management Club Walk A Thon ... The Walk A Thon was a success raiding over $2,000 for the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research ... For more information on the 2009 Walk A Thon see club website ...
... The thon and rammana (Thai โทนรำมะนา, Khmer ធនរំមនា) are hand drums played as a pair in Central Thai classical music and Cambodian classical music ... It consists of two drums the thon (โทน), a goblet drum with a ceramic or wooden body) and the rammana (รำมะนา), a small frame drum ... The thon gives a low pitch and the rammana gives a high pitch ...