• (adj): Visible only with a telescopic.
    Example: "A bright star with a telescopic companion"
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PSO-1 - Similar Telescopic Sights
... Belarus POSP telescopic sight Bosnia ZRAK M-76 4x 5°10’ / ZRAK ON-M76 telescopic sight China Type JJJ telescopic sight East Germany PSO telescopic sight North Korea Type 78 ...
Scope - History
... different optical aiming aids and primitive predecessors of telescopic sights were created that had practical or performance limitations ... The first documented telescopic rifle sight was invented between 1835 and 1840 ... Chapman documented the first telescopic sights made by Morgan James of Utica, NY ...
Schmidt & Bender
... abbreviated as S B) is a German company specialized in producing high end telescopic sights for hunting, sports, law enforcement and military arms ... The company started with producing telescopic sights for large German (mail order) hunting equipment sales chains under various brand names and gradually started to produce ...
Scope - Uses
... Telescopic sights have both advantages and disadvantages relative to iron sights ... Telescopic sights allow the user to focus on both the crosshair and the target at the same time, as the lenses project the crosshair into the distance (50 m or yd for rimfire scopes ... This, combined with telescopic magnification, clarifies the target and makes it stand out against the background ...

More definitions of "telescopic":

  • (adj): Capable of discerning distant objects.
    Example: "A telescopic eye"; "telescopic vision"
  • (adj): Having parts that slide one within another.
    Example: "A telescopic antenna"; "a telescopic drinking cup"